Building Internal demolition in High Wycombe

In April Reliance were awarded the 2nd phase of works in a building were we had previously worked in High Wycombe, Bucks.

The works consisted of lift shaft removal, concrete and steel staircase removal and demolition of block walls, the works required a gang of 6 demolition and labourer operatives carrying out the works in a 3 week period.

The block walls on 2nd and 3rd floors were demolished by hand work and the arisings were cleared away via a rubbish shute from the outside scaffolding and into a 40 yard bin.

The steel staircase and lift shaft were removed by one of our demolition burners working from a scaffold were necessary the concrete staircase was also removed by one of our electric brokks with a pulveriser fitted to minimise the dust and noise.

The works were completed on time with us achieving 100% score when we were visited by Health and Safety.

Knaves House1 Knaves House2